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Message # 13, January 13, 2009

Captain Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn

Received through Zilanthrah and Zoltair


Helena expounds on physical and
etheric contact on both sides of the veil.
In a former lifetime Commander Helena was Rebecca,
wife of Isaac, son of Abraham and Sarah.
Later, she lived as Helen of Troy in Greece.
She is also in union with Athena.


Helena: You are being influenced by the duality and paradox. You have come to the conclusion that Heaven is in some ways separate from the Earth experience. If you come from your heart in each moment, you will not be restrained by the possibility of two distinct scenarios regarding Divine connection. As you realize and see ahead, you will realize fully and completely that in reality you are, always have been and always will be connected.

So where is the proof? Is it in your heart, or is it in a physical vision of a ship that has landed and is offering you proof? If you know in your heart of hearts that we are One with all that is, then why is it of such importance to see some proof? If you can let go of the physical precept that seeing is believing, there you will find value in Amiable Contact.

Zilanthrah: Helena, I do not see, but I do believe. I see you stepping from the craft to greet us. I see it as manifest. I visualize it with great joy.

Helena: This is an important step, a most valuable reality. We honor you for your clarity. We wish to share with you a possibility that may or may not be accurate at this time. At present, I cannot enter into the density and appear to you in full physical maturation. For us it would mean that we would need to absorb and crystallize the density, negativity, pain and suffering that you endure. We are fortunate to not have that experience, for here the vibration is so loving and supportive that we cannot enter into that reality without doing harm to ourselves. So we observe those who are participating in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. We observe that those who are participating are chosen from the most loving of us. We are in awe of your strength of endurance. We are in support of whatever you see in your reality. We are in support of your efforts to create a warm and loving environment in which we can enter and participate with you.

Zilanthrah: Do the vibrations on earth need to rise more, and very real conscious changes need to occur in order for you to come? What about recent messages saying that some craft slip out of their dimension and uncloak so they can be seen by humans on earth? Is this true?

Helena: On some level, this has already occurred, where specific reasons were made. If you wish us to enter into your reality, you may consider the possibility of entering our reality as well. We are transitioning a planet. This includes all those who have reached harmony vibrationally with the planet. Most folk have made great leaps, however there are those who are divinely designed to express exactly the opposite and this is perfect for them. For everyone to reach the same vibration at the same time would require an exponential expansion. The planet would automatically bounce inter-dimensionally. This would not be in accordance with the Divine Plan. This might be unfair to the sentient ones who have not made complete transition.

“When we speak of the planet ascending, we speak of the planet ascending into star status. She has asked that there be no catastrophic event that leaves some out. She is prepared to do whatever is required to protect and ensure that all aspects of her Self transition smoothly, lovingly. So as we communicate with you through telepathy and through channeling, we put in time while these humans mutate into Light bodies. As we have said before, the true value stems from your heart. Here is where we are connected, and here is where contact remains.

Zilanthrah: Helena, what about Masters such as St. Germain who walk the planet in a body to assist her and our transition?

Helena: They have prepared at great length to assist and to awaken the population. They have no personal attachment to the outcome, no desire to appear to be the Enlightened Ones. They have no hooks for negativity to attach themselves to, therefore they are able to do their job and not fully experience pain and suffering. They use technologies in every moment to clear the path and create this Heaven on Earth that we speak about, that has been made available to all those who wish to participate. They are able to change the vibrational influence created by others who are not awake, and allow for Grace to settle in, giving them a new start in every moment. These are things that you have done; you must remember that you are experts at transitioning planets. NOW is the time for you to wake up and assist others in waking up so that they can begin to raise their vibrations. And set an example for others to follow.

Zilanthrah: How can you say that someone like St. Germain has no personal attachment to the outcome?

Helena: When I refer to personal attachment, these are concepts that are shared and expressed amongst those who are, in their minds, locked into their reality. We, as St. Germain and the others, do not come here for personal gratification. We do not come here to express authority over anyone. We come here as representatives of the All One, where everyone benefits in all dimensions, where everyone is honored and loved. Do you understand?

Zilanthrah: I understand, thank you.

Helena: May I say that we are all changing during this period. Whatever you do for the planet affects our entire lineage. It is not something to be taken lightly. You are so vast that it is beyond your conception at present. We love you all and we feel the love that you are expressing in each moment. We will be speaking whenever you wish to make (amiable) contact. Zilanthrah: I like your sense of humor.

Helena: Isn’t it wonderful. St. Germain is laughing with you. Once again, he expresses his pure intent, the royal hue of the Violet Flame resonates through your cells and awakens new opportunity, new thresholds, new insights.
I am with you all. I remain your servant in the Light.

Zoltair and Zilanthrah: Thank you, beloved Helena.

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