Sep 24

Message # 11, November 17, 2008


Received through Zoltair


The co-creation of Heaven on Earth is moving forward,

and it is gaining momentum in every moment.

It is an honor to be co creating Heaven on Earth with you.


Fleck:  You are asked to stay focused on your vision of how it will be for all of us when we meet n every moment, whenever Spirit brings your attention to the adjustments being made cellularly, give acknowledgement and allow yourselves to feel the colors and the change that is occurring within your bodies.

It is as though you are given the opportunity to live outside of time.  It is through Grace and fulfillment that you no longer are bound by time.  Everything is perfect.  There are many others who are going through this process, and their focus is turning toward all possibilities.  As their bodies change, so does their perspective and vice versa.  All of this is leading in the direction of those path-cutters who are manifesting new possibilities.  It will increase in velocity and intensity along with the increase in vibration.

It is an honor to be co creating Heaven on Earth with you.  Go gently, take time to enjoy yourselves.  All is perfect.  We are here for you.  All you need do is keep the faith, and all will unfold in divine timing.  Ease and Grace is in the fore.

Zoltair:  Thank you, Fleck.

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