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Message # 9, November 13, 2008

Captain Helena and Fleck

Received through Zoltair


  You are offering a safe haven to all of us here,

to come and be warmed by your hearth.

It is the responsibility of those who wish to participate

to give their names, to make the declaration, so to speak.


Zoltair:   [I called our Recording Angel Violet, and I held her energy during both messages.  Fleck has instructed that when it will be time to relay information that Amiable Contact members have provided.  As I looking at a Google image and speak the name chosen for each landing site, it is received by Fleck.  As I speak the coordinates, he receives them.  As I look at a photo and speak the name and address of the Contactee, it is received.  He recommends that each Contactee do this themselves first, while in meditation.]

Helena:  Yes, beloved, how are you on this day.

Zoltair:  I feel very uplifted, just to be in your presence.

H:  You have many questions for me.

Z:  Yes, my loving friends.  We would like to know how it appears from your perspective.  Do you see what appears on our computer screen regarding Amiable Contact?

H:  We have a perspective that may seem to you as slightly more than you are familiar with.  By this I mean that we are in a position to express loving energy to the planet. The planet sends this back as colors and magnetic pulses, creating a dance of loving exchange. It is the Universal Language of Love.

Z:  Is it a declaration of sorts to offer up our positions here on Mother Earth?

H:  Yes, in that you are saying, ‘ I am open to your presence and will remain so.’ You are offering a safe haven to all of us here, to come and be warmed by your hearth.


Zoltair:  [A powerful green beam flows into my crown chakra.  I feel very fulfilled.  As this beam flows into physical body and my outer bodies, I begin to understand that it is encoded with Grace.  It is a familiar energy of the Kumara lineage from Vector Three.]

Z:  I thank you Helena, and your crew.

H:  This encodement allows for a new start.  Each member of your group will experience this.  In the future, we will be offering many similar exchanges of energy. This will be a precursor to the landings.

Z:  I am very excited.  I am fulfilled as never before.  Thank you, I really needed that.

H:  It seems that you can wrap yourselves in a blanket of discomfort and somehow you forget what it really feels like to be free and able to express your fullness.  It comes to a certain point before one asks for release, does it not?

Z:  You are absolutely correct. It’s akin to the old dream where something is pursuing me and I can’t run, move or crawl.  So I go into myself and brace for the inevitable, whatever that might be.  I think you are saying that expression of love would be perfect at this point.

H:  You have it.  Now, go forth and express.  Bye for now, all my love and admiration.

Z:  Thank you.

Fleck:  It is Fleck, how are you?

Zoltair:  I am just perfect, thank you.

F:  Please be that way in every moment.

Z:  I will do my best.

F:  You are the best, my beloved telepath!  We here are feeling the love that you wield as strongly as your sword.  Please, be aware that this love precedes you wherever you go, and in this awareness you can feel it for yourself.

Z:  Will I be able to share this with others?

F:  You are doing it as we speak.  You cannot help yourself.  It is everyone’s divine right, a gift from your soul group, your very lineage.  Also, it is a gift to all who happen to be in your presence.

Z:  My, I’m just, what’s the word –

F:  There are many words for what you are experiencing, but this is a difficult language to express fully in.  It is a linear language designed to weigh and measure, not designed for expression. However, for the most part, you all do very well.

Z:  Thank you for the rescue!  I know that you are aware of the questions we have for you.  Can you respond to them, please?

F:  As for the names of Contactees, it is the responsibility of those who wish to participate to give their names, to make the declaration, so to speak.  This is  required, and can be done in meditation or in a conference call format.  Giving coordinates is also beneficial in that it marks the spot where we and you know where to rendezvous.  Giving your location name and satellite image, your name, address and photo will serve to give it life and start the energy moving through to the universe.  As you are all aware, a picture in the mind’s eye serves to bring whatever it is into full manifestation.  It works that way here as well.  Hurray for you, it has begun.  So, the answer to all the questions is yes, yes, yes!

We have worked through the transition of planets many times before.  This one, and her inhabitants, we would like you to know, have made unachievable leaps and LANDED ON THEIR COORDINATES PERFECTLY!  (jokingly)

Speaking to you all has been a delight.  We will be speaking again.

Z:  This has been with complete ease and grace.   We thank you, until we speak again.

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