Sep 24

Message # 6,  November 8, 2008


Received through Helen Engel


Fleck Requests Satellite Maps


H:  [To Fleck] Thank you for giving me some of your time.  May I report please?

Fleck:  Please do.

H:  There are 13 Scouts available to greet a shuttle at a suitable location.  Each of these Scouts will invite suitable Light Workers.  Most of us have located our residence on a satellite map, have provided the coordinates of the residence and of the landing site.  Some have forwarded a photograph of the landing site as viewed on a Google satellite map.  I will need assistance to present the above information to you.  We are excited and enthusiastic.  Arrangements are being made whereby digital cameras will photograph the shuttles, and two of our members will forward them to an internet YouTube for the world to see.  Some of our Contactees are employed, meaning that visitations will need to be made when they are available.  That is my summary.

Fleck:  Good work.  I am aware of the excitement and enthusiasm.  As we begin, let me also assure you that your free will be held uppermost in all plans made.  You will not be forced to undertake any project, or to in any way transgress your high ideals.  We come as your brothers in love.  Please collect all of the coordinates, and forward them to a member of your crew to assemble them with coordinates .  Allow for one shuttle to cover Australia, and one shuttle to cover North America.  We will examine your route map and advise whether we will recommend any changes, or whether we can arrange a flight pattern that is compatible with the plan you have laid out.  When this is completed, I will contact you again.  I am your host in this endeavor, and I greet all the Contactees with great respect and love.  I am Fleck.

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