Sep 24

Message # 2, November 2, 2008


Received through Helen Engel


“Fleck has been designated as your host.

He will make the arrangements with us

for whatever needs to be done.”


H:  [Fleck is a powerful being, of the stature of guardian angels.]

Fleck:  I am here.

H:  Thank you for coming.  I wish to report that I have advised approximately 23 Light Workers for the Amiable Contact project .  Are you able to discern what has been accomplished to date?

Fleck:  There is great turmoil on earth at the moment.  Although where you are located it is reasonably peaceful, yet the “smoke” spreads about.  It is very calm and clear where we are.

H:  Are you able to observe happenings on earth?

F:  We would need to come closer.

H:  The responses to my messages are excellent.  I am not certain at the moment how to proceed.  Do you ever connect with Helena, commander of Starship Capricorn?

F:  I do not, but others do.

H: What do you wish that I should do?

F:  Some of the turmoil will need to diminish.  In the meantime, continue as you are.  The Contactees will require some instructions, and we will supply that at the proper time.  Contact me again in five days.

H:  Thank you, I will.

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