Sep 24

Message # 1


Methusaleh and Fleck


Received through Helen Engel

October 29, 2008


“There are a band of discarnate souls

who would like to converse with relatives,

and they are wondering whether you would reach them.

The destinations that the ships will seek

will be ones of peace and tranquility.

We ask you to find those spots on earth.”


Helen: In October 2008 I received the following request from Methusaleh, an Ascended Master who is serving as a teacher and guide for the Brothers and Sisters of the Light:  


“There are a band of discarnate souls who would like to converse with relatives, and they are wondering whether you would reach them.”


I asked Alie Marie (an expert telepath in Australia) to confirm that the messenger was in truth Methusaleh, and whether I should continue contacting this messenger.


Alie Marie received the following message:  

“There is something in assisting these beings that will bring some enlightenment to that which you are currently doing and will not take up much of your precious time.” 


In view of what Alie Marie’s guides suggested, I contacted Methusaleh and received the following message:


Methusaleh:  There are a group of us who have volunteered to be your mentors.  We work more or less in tandem.  We know of this request.  It is a legitimate one.


Helen:  Will you kindly give me instructions, as this is new to me.


M:  A vast enterprise is about to be launched.  The beings who are with us and elsewhere wish to contact their living relatives.  By doing so, our project will be validated, and once connections are made, liaison will go forward in a smooth fashion.  


We are on the cusp of a great breakthrough.  Others with abilities similar to yours have already agreed or acquiesced to assist.  Others who lived during your various lifetimes will be quickened, so that they will be on your vibratory wavelength and will add strength and momentum to this very short project.


H:  May I get a glimpse of what is involved?


M:  It will concern landings.


H:  That is fine.  You may begin.


H:  [ I allow Ascended Masters to guide me to the vibratory level of intercommunication with the higher planes of consciousness.  When there is a brightness, stillness, and spaciousness, I am aware that I am at that high level.  This level is such a level.]


M:  You are with us at the level at which we wait to land.  Such a state of consciousness permits activity, travel, communication, joy, and diversity.  We do not lounge about looking out of UFO windows.  Welcome aboard.  On this occasion you are at a greater expanse of your consciousness.



Fleck:  I am called Fleck.  I will be your host.


H:  I greet you with love and a feeling of wonderment.  Why did you volunteer for this post, and why were you chosen?


Fleck:  I was a guard when you were once a queen.  I am your guard again.


H:  I am most honored.  Truly I am.


Fleck:  And I am also honored to serve you again.  Would you like to meet those who made the request?


H:  I would be grateful.  [I am escorted to a room, where many are seated.  Some are moving about, talking casually.]


Fleck:  Please sit here.


H:  [I wonder what this is all about.]




Methusaleh:  There will be a flag ship and you will be on it.  You will direct the flag ship to the proper destinations.  The destinations that the ships will seek will be ones of peace and tranquility.  We ask you to find those spots on earth. 


Begin with a quiet island, next locate a small country.  Next locate a people who have not been disturbed by the present situation on earth.  It is to those people that we wish to come first, so that they will become acquainted with us, and we will get to know them.  I am Methusaleh.


H:  I ought to have known.  Thank you, kind Master.


M:  We shall be in touch.


H:  I thank you for having confidence in us.  We shall do our best.


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