Aug 04

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  1. AMANAKHAN Says:

    Well .. Since nothing is by chance, “fell” in this site and am seeing the film made by you now, and I remembered when they are 17 years of age, in full Rio de Janeiro, in Copacabana, a “Star” spoke to me telepathically, and moved to my request for confirmation four times, forming the sign of the cross.
    By “coincidence” Today is my birthday, the same date that appears at the beginning of the video, there is exactly one year ago!
    And no coincidence, in 2009, I had a telepathic contact, followed by eye contact again, the window of my apartment in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    I believe this is the moment of humanity. I always believed in it since I met with my spiritual teacher outside the body when I was only 4 years old in the back of the apartment he lived (His costumes were like a “Jedi”).
    Peace and Light to you all!

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