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We are Brothers and Sisters of the Light spearheading Amiable Contact with our Space Brethren.

With guidance and love from these great beings of light, the creation of ‘Amiable Contacts’ began.


We hope you enjoy these conversations with our space family as we progress from the start of

Amiable Contact in October of 2008… to now!

This website was created to introduce the public to our space brothers, and to encourage participation in friendly contact with them.

We welcome you to StarPortEarth and encourage you to initiate an Amiable Contact shuttle in your hometown!

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Hubble Image Courtesy of NASA and STSci

Hubble Image Courtesy of NASA and STSci

A message given to us from Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn:

Ladies and gents, it shall be to your advantage to allow others to assist. If the number of Amiable Contacts becomes too large for you to handle and is not of ease and Grace, follow your intuition as to what to do next.

We see the list of contacts expanding and it will be to our advantage if this occurs. Amiable Contact, when it occurs shall be of the utmost ease and Grace for all concerned. Do not allow yourselves to become overwhelmed or agitated in any way, this is all being designed by our group. Know that our direction will allow the utmost joy and ease for you all.

Those who are meant to be Amiable Contacts will step forward. It is all by divine design and cannot be any other way. All is proceeding well.

Remember that when the time does come, it will be to your advantage to have all your papers in order. You would do well to be prepared as this will bring you more ease.

Please do not go into overwhelm, for this project is one of a kind and is making history.

It is to be enjoyed and a delight for all participating.

We look forward to greeting our dearly beloved brothers and sisters who strive to be in service.

We salute you all. Over and out for now.

The following is an excerpt of Message # 20

from Tommy Douglas …’Kicking it up A Notch’

received through Zilanthrah, May 8, 2009

Tommy C. Douglas

Past Member of Canadian Parliament

“The Greatest Canadian”

Tommy C. Douglas

There are a lot of bright and swirling energies in your realm as a lot is occurring.

The pace has also kicked up a notch. This is raising everyone’s energy and a lot are feeling it in their bodies.

We say to you all,

“Great job, keep up the good work. You are all citizens of the universe and learning to become good citizens locally and globally will re-introduce you to the remembrance of what  you can really do.”

You are aware of the possibility of deceased loved ones participating with your Amiable Contact Project. Many of these ones have specific talents that they used while in the flesh. Their former knowledge coupled with the knowledge and wisdom gained in the upper realm might be a magnificent addition for the Amiable Contact group.

For example, there might be a Contact who is well versed in agriculture or botany. And so, there might be a Celestial Amiable Contact knowledgeable in the same field. Why not combine these brothers and sisters so that they may work together to promote a higher and better way of agriculture and botany? They may act as a guide to provide information and technology that will help to bring a new and better way of growing plants. That, in turn, will assure healthier humans, as they will be ingesting whole and natural foods that will maintain health and well being.

There might be someone well versed in stewardship with divine guidance in the field of guiding the populations of all countries on your planet. Of course, you will be different after Amiable Contact.

There will be preparation and events that will affect you positively before Amiable Contact, but Amiable Contact will serve to kick you up a notch as far as doing your job and doing it with the highest of pleasure and satisfaction.

Everyone and everything will have become more than amiable by this stage, as all who come to greet you come for more reasons. We are ready to come, greet you and get busy together.

I am humbled to be part of this Amiable Contact Project and agree that my picture on our website will serve your and our purposes well. Build the website. There will be divine guidance during the task.

I bid you good day. I am Tommy Douglas.

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The following message was given to Zilanthrah from Captain Helena regarding the importance of the

Amiable Contact Project

We ask that you bring messages regarding our Amiable Contact Project. We have come to an agreement and have decided that you will do very nicely for the purpose of receiving and disseminating our information.

There are many who wish to relay through you. And it is all part of the project that your group has been so diligently working upon. You are all aware by now that this project is no small thing.

We ask that you record all that you feel is important, for there will be in future a compilation of this story. It will contain information of the inception of this admirable project and all pertinent details. You may be the one who will compile all information into the form of a book or other media so that others may become aware of how it transpired.

Indeed, there will be much excitement throughout earth when Amiable Contact occurs.

People will want to know all about it. People will want to know how they too might meet and be in the presence of those whom they have been thinking about throughout their lives and whom they have been brainwashed into the belief that extraterrestrials are of a malevolent nature. You know that this is as far from the truth as one can hold in their belief system.

Know that the history recorded about AC will become a permanent book on the shelves of universal libraries. Besides humans, an unfathomable number of et’s will be looking to borrow that book from the library shelf.

This mission will be of ease and it makes sense practically that one who is deeply involved with the project might be the one who keeps the records.

You will be provided with what you require to accomplish this task physically as well as provided with all the guidance and insight that you will require.

For now, we ask that you be principal contact with Captain Helena and others who wish to impart information regarding AC.  This is not to say that others will not also receive information, it is all part of the plan.

You will receive answers to questions and will receive pertinent information that you will require for Amiable Contact to occur successfully.

We see AC as the opportunity of a lifetime for those who participate.

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Honored Elder and Telepath ~ Helen Engel

Telepaths ~ Zilanthrah, Zoltair

Webmaster ~ Metodi

Support Team ~ Darlene, Don, Michael

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